Gun Violence Prevention
  • Enact Extreme Risk Protection Orders to protect victims and survivors of domestic violence

  • Establish mandatory background checks on all firearm transfers, close gun show loophole

  • Create a mandatory waiting period after purchase to reduce the rate of suicide by firearm

  • Fully fund public education with an emphasis on equity. We must end the days of teachers being forced to spend their own money on classroom supplies 

  • Close the achievement and opportunity gaps in our education system

  • Reduce class sizes, teacher/student ratio so students have more opportunities for 1:1 learning 

  • Pass laws that disallow taking lunches from students or shaming students that receive free or reduced lunch

  • Fund public colleges and universities with an emphasis on providing relief to end the student debt crisis
  • Appoint labor and education advocates to the University of Minnesota Board of Regents

  • Support better compensation for public school teachers 

  • Support and expand programs that offer students unique hands-on/service learning opportunities to supplement and enrich their education with real world experience

  • Author and pass a law that extends unemployment eligibility to school workers for the summer months (teachers pre-empted under federal law)

  • Include funding for menstrual health products to be made available in every middle and high school

  • Empower teachers' unions to receive fair and dignified contracts from their school districts

LGBTQ+, Racial Justice
  • Oppose any and all “bathroom bills” that discriminate against LGBTQ community

  • Fund state programs to make teaching professions more accessible to teachers of color so that students can see themselves in their educators and role models

  • Join the fight to ban the unproven and inhumane practice of “conversion therapy”

  • Ban "bulletproof warrior" training and work in consultation with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office to craft and promote more compassionate and community-centered training programs for law enforcement officers

  • Ensure that non-binary and queer folks are included in legislative conversations about reproductive health

  • Support the data-driven solutions in the NAACP's Economic Inclusion Plan (EIP) for the Twin Cities metro area

  • Legalize marijuana and expunge all criminal records for possession and distribution; the war on drugs is a war on historically marginalized communities that breeds inequities with every passing second

Environment and Natural Resources
  • Support comprehensive plans to expeditiously address climate change as the crisis-level threat to our national security that it is

  • Fund and build more sources of green energy (solar, biomass, wind, and more!) and ensure they are built to last by offering unionized, building trades workers the contracts to construct these essential innovations

  • Oppose measures that threaten the integrity of our lakes and rivers

  • Safeguard and expand drinking water infrastructure

  • Combat the spread of invasive species that threaten the biodiversity of our state 

  • Ban blaze pink camouflage from hunting in Minnesota, as it creates a hazard for those with certain types of partial color-blindness

  • Accept no money from fossil fuel interests that seek to reverse the progress toward a green economy that Minnesota has invested in

  • Create an accessible public option to buy into MinnesotaCare. No one deserves to be stuck with the cruel decision of choosing between living a life with crushing medical debt, or living no life at all. 

  • Ensure nurses are safe in the workplace by enacting legislation to create and maintain an electronic database where they can report workplace violence and management denial of safety resource requests

  • Equalize criminal penalties for assaulting any healthcare worker so that those who attack healthcare workers can be held accountable for their actions

  • Speak out against ratifying the National Nurse Licensure Compact to protect nursing education standards from dilution

  • Support Senator John Marty's Minnesota Health Plan to fix our broken healthcare system and guarantee healthcare as a human right to every Minnesotan

  • Protect the right of all Minnesotans to have the final say over medical decisions that concern their bodily autonomy

  • Working in consultation with the Attorney General to prevent and dismantle artificial price inflation of lifesaving prescription drugs

  • Advocate for the immediate enactment of medical amnesty legislation so victims and survivors of sexual assault have one less barrier to receiving care and justice

  • Getting the legislation to tax opioid manufacturers a "penny per pill" to fund relief for the opioid epidemic over the finish line

Veterans Affairs
  • Ensure that every veteran has access to high quality job and medical services 

  • Support initiatives to curb the high rate of veteran suicide in Minnesota

  • Continuing to recognize the heroism and valor of Hmong veterans that served in the Secret War 

  • Increase state investment in the University of Minnesota's Forever Green Initiative to promote the natural breeding of stronger, more nutritious, and more resilient crops

  • Provide a relief package for all farmers in Minnesota whose livelihoods have been impacted by the Trump tariffs

  • Promote rural mental health advocacy programs to help curb the rate of farmer suicide in Greater Minnesota

  • Invest in hydroponics, balanced grocery stores, and urban growing initiatives to end "food deserts" in the metro and the health disparities these "deserts" create in underserved communities

Labor and the Workforce
  • Oppose “Right to Work” bills so that public sector employees retain the right to unionize and collectively bargain for fair treatment and compensation in the workplace

  • Guarantee paid family leave, paid sick and safe time off to all workers in Minnesota

  • Support work placement and job training programs

  • Work with Unions and Building Trades to support organized labor, whether it be through authoring a bill or standing with striking workers on the picket line 

  • Support “Fair Share” legislation to strengthen contract negotiations for working people

  • Actively advocate for the passage of Little Davis-Bacon as law of the land in Minnesota

  • Ban mandatory captive audience anti-union meetings currently used as a union-busting tactic by select employers

  • Put pressure on local officials to always engage in Project Labor Agreements where representatives of organized labor have a seat at the negotiating table

  • Fight for and defend Prevailing Wage policy so that unethical, cut-rate labor can't steal contracts from honest union workers

  • Crack down on unethical labor traffickers that force undocumented workers to choose between their livelihoods and deportation

Modernizing Our Infrastructure
  • Expand access to Metro Mobility services 

  • Fund the construction of new bike lanes 

  • Extend the light rail blue line to go through Robbinsdale

  • Build new sound barriers along Highway 169

  • Implement a more robust funding mechanism for our roads and bridges

  • Bring the grade of Minnesota’s roads and bridges from a D+ to an A+! 

  • Introduce accessible broadband internet service to rural Minnesota

Affordable Housing
  • Expand the number of housing options available to prospective buyers and renters

  • Legalize "fourplexes" statewide to give cities and people more freedom and power over the housing market

  • Increase affordability of housing using every tool available

  • Protect the rights of renters in being treated with dignity and fairness

  • Prioritize affordable housing for seniors

Good Governance
  • Promote transparency and hold government to account

  • Build up a rainy day fund so that Minnesota is ready to face the looming specter of any natural or economic disaster 

  • Make legislative actions and other information accessible to constituents

Aging and Long Term Care
  • Author laws that help ensure seniors can age in place

  • Raise awareness and address the increasingly earlier onset of Alzheimer’s in our aging population


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